Paradise Hall - 2


At the foot of Mount Parnitha, with its modern design and corporate name Cavallari Guarantee, Paradise Hall is a three-level multifaceted space where you will be truly enchanted to choose it for your wedding. We organize parties and receptions from your wishes that express your personality and create wonderful memories.  Paradise Hall - 2 is the perfect choice for a reception. For small receptions with a capacity of up to 200 people, give your wedding or baptism a sense of intimacy and warmth.

The flavors are honored with rich and elaborate menus from the experienced in-house chef. Originating from Greek cuisine as well as international (French or Italian) to satisfy your tastes to the fullest. Our dedicated staff takes care of the amazing service and all the organizational details to keep your wedding unforgettable.ς.

His noble refinement gave him the name "Paradise Hall 2". An ornament in Parnitha that offers warmth to events and romance to wedding receptions.